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Arkadi Tedresaar

Arkadi Tedresaar

Biography & exhibitions:

It’s been a long dream of mine to be able to express what I feel and how I see the world, only I didn’t know how…
When I was a child, my Kindergarten teacher had mentioned I might have a talent to paint. For some reason nobody took it seriously. Few years later in my primary school our class teacher had sent me to an Olympics for creatively talented children, but short time after that I have switched the school to a Ballet Academy and never found out what the outcome was. Didn’t seam that important at the time.

Many years I’ve believed to be meant to become a great dancer, but for some reason my art class notes were always better, then the ones for my ballet classes. By the time I was 16-years old I was convinced, - ballet isn’t my field, while my art class teacher was telling me repeatedly, that if I ever decide to leave the Academy, I should seriously think of painting.

Unfortunately, the circumstances didn’t allow me to get back to painting for quite a few years. As a refugee from ex USSR, I have spent some years looking for my place on the earth. Between being homeless in Copenhagen, where I later on finally went to an Art School, to leaving a luxurious Lifestyle on the Lake of Zurich, I went through two marriages and divorces, achieved three more professions, have had to move to 4 different countries, learned 5 additional languages and finally found the way to express myself. Yes, I am a painter.

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