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Katerina Alimova

  • Russia
Katerina Alimova

Biography & exhibitions:

Katerina Alimova was born in 1987. Having been graduated from St. Petersburg State University in the departments of journalism, anthropology and ethnography, Katerina began to study at the art workshop of Gladky and Noskova, and graduated in 2012. She has been working in the ''LikeForms Ceramics'' ceramic workshop since 2011.

The artist, together with Artyom Maximov, develops a line of creativity, that balance on the verge of Western Philosophy and ancient Eastern art practices, between Viennese Actionism, Khara-Khoto Buddhist art and Ai Weiwei installations.

Katerina and Artem focus on the search for a new identity and a ''Russian soul'' in modern digital reality. The concept they developed reflects the duality of human life and its tragically unrealized potential in the world of possibilities. They speculate about the condition of society with its anxiety about socio-economic storms, with its fear of isolation, with its control and target systems.

In addition to ceramics, they are also involved in street art, installation, and performance.


The works are in state and private collections in Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, France.

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