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BTC/USD9793.‍2900 +0.05%
ETH/USD242.‍7300 -0.20%
SSE COMPOSITE2930.‍7993 +0.40%
BRENT FUTURES4975.‍0000 +2.37%
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S&P 500 FUTURES-2.‍1000 -27.59%
NDAQ117.‍9300 -1.18%
NTETF214.‍0000 ±0.00%
DOW JONES26603.‍0000 +1.38%
SMI10190.‍3701 +1.14%

TILWIKI (TLW) will list on ProBit Exchange!

* Trading Pairs: TLW/USDT, TLW/BTC

* Deposits: March 20, 2020, 12:00 KST

* Listing: March 23, 2020, 15:00 KST


TLW listing details

Introduction ( TILWIKI is a global art and antique art blockchain platform that enables users to sell and buy art online including tokenized art through artsharing to remove restrictive barriers preventing investor access. The solution is the first to provide comprehensive BigData spanning museums and galleries in 199 countries while also serving as a major education and learning hub

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