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Art Sharing

Divide and share: the interaction of art and modern technologies


IT technologies became an integral part of the modern world, penetrating even into the sphere of culture. Today it is no longer possible to live at least once a day without reminding the blockchain. The technology Artsharing digitized art while preserving its artistic, cultural and financial value.

Soon ,we will offer you a unique opportunity to participate in digitization of an artistic masterpiece using blockchain technology. By democratizing art, we make it accessible to everyone. How? We virtually divide a picture into numbered fragments and give you the chance to become a co-owner of their seriography (the so-called high-quality screen printing) of one or several fragments.

By buying a fragment of a picture’s seriography, you become the participant of the technology Artsharing, and get the opportunity to participate in various master classes, to visit virtual and physical exhibitions and art events, and invest in art profitably. In addition, each token is provided with a buyback option, which means it can be resold.

After purchasing a fragment’s seriography, you get a blockchain-token that confirms your ownership. You can print the seriography of a picture, even frame it, and hang it on the wall or decorate your desk to please the eye. And at the same time – keep track of the token’s price on the cryptocurrency exchange after listing.

By the way, if you don’t know what to present to someone, you could hardly find a better present. Our token is also a type of art, but in digital format.

We will emitted the security token. Thus, every owner of security tokens will get listed digital shares of Artsharing and will be able to sell them at a stock price easily if desired.

The Artsharing tokens’ value is determined by the extensive collection, owned by the project.

We offer you not just one painting, but a whole collection of masterpieces. These are owned by project and their seriography can be yours. Welcome to our unique art and financial project, founded at the nexus of classical art and newest IT- technologies, which unites all those who want to be part the world of art.

Artsharing unites people around the world. Artsharing - coming soon! 

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