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Golden pomegranate with a golden bowl

  • 2019 year
  • Масло, холст, живопись
  • 45x58x1
  • 0.4

18 000

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Pomegranate is a very multidimensional symbol. Among the Phoenicians, he was an attribute of the sun god, a symbol of life. In Persia - a symbol of supreme power. In Greece - an attribute of Hera, the goddess of vows and marriage. And, of course, the attribute of Demeter - the goddess of forces of eternal rebirth and fertility. There was a Greek legend that the first pomegranate tree was planted by the goddess Aphrodite, and the golden pomegranate on the island of Cyprus became a symbol of love and bonds. Painting a golden pomegranate with a golden bowl symbolizes the symbol of love and bonds, with riches.

Category: Painting

Theme: World culture

Material: Canvas

Medium: Oil

Tags: still life

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